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Camille BECHAZ

About Camille Béchaz

I've been drawing and painting since ever. Painting has always been my favorite means of expression, as a vital need.


After a first career in the field of marine technologies, while I plaid different roles from research & development responsible up to company manager, I radically changed my business in 2013 and decided to have my passion for painting as a job.


Through my compositions half-figurative half-abstract, I try to express my feelings, my impressions, my emotions, a light or a movement.


I inherited a strong taste for random color games & controlled "accidents", from watercolor painting which I practiced from early days of childhood up to recent times. In the work I propose now, I seek to recreate this random aspect with oil painting by means of painting knifes, not brushes, avoiding to clean it during the same work. Thus, colors that are already on the knife may appear on other zones of the work. I also favor the mix of colors directly on the canvas instead of on the palette which again allows playing with colors.


Oil painting also gives advantage of 3D painting that is using paste of paint to add relief on the work and thus enhance the movement and the light. I am most inspired by landscapes which offer variations to express emotions and let me be guided by the play with colors and movement. Sea scenes are my most favorite subject !


I generally work in my atelier from photographs collected during travels and walks.


Zoom on foam
Zoom on wave mouvement
Zoom on wave
Colors & painting material


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